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Legal Notes



Just a few remarks concerning the images in the galleries:


    A lot of the stuff on the following Pages originally comes from one of the sources you'll find on the respective Link Pages and on the Poser Credits Page.

    I conscientiously try to give the credit to those, who created the original scenes, files or whatever. As I am far from perfect (and my memory still farther) I might have forgotten someone.

    If you have the feeling that your work was not properly respected you are more than welcome to send me an email and I will make the adjustments as required.


Thanks to all of you out there for inspiration, help and last not least for software!


    The images might contain something that doesn't suit your taste (some call it 'artistic nudity'). People who feel offended by this should refrain from viewing. It was never my intention to offend someone. You can go back anytime by clicking on the main navigation bar at the top of the pages or on the back arrow of your browser and you can send me an email with your comment about the images.




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