A trip on Hong Kong Island: Victoria Peak



One of my trips took me to Hongkong Island with Grey Line Tours. Travelling on a group tour has one big advantage: you do not have to queue up for a long time as individual travelers have to. Especially at Peak Tram Station. Weather was not too nice, so view from Victoria Peak was not clear. They say that smog is coming from China!





  • victoria_peak_1234The Peak Tram
  • victoria_peak_1235The Peak Tram
  • victoria_peak_1236The Peak Tram
  • victoria_peak_1237The Peak Tram
  • victoria_peak_1238The Peak Tram
  • victoria_peak_1239On the way to the top
  • victoria_peak_1241On the way to the top
  • victoria_peak_1261In case you get lost
  • victoria_peak_1251View towards Sheung Wan
  • victoria_peak_1252View towards Sheung Wan
  • victoria_peak_1248View towards Central District
  • victoria_peak_1245View towards Central District
  • victoria_peak_1249View towards Central District
  • victoria_peak_1243View towards Central District
  • victoria_peak_1250View towards Central District
  • victoria_peak_1242View towards Central District
  • victoria_peak_1244View towards Wan Chai
  • victoria_peak_1247View towards Wan Chai
  • victoria_peak_1262View towards Wan Chai
  • victoria_peak_1246View to the peak top
  • victoria_peak_1258View to the peak top
  • victoria_peak_1256View to the peak top
  • victoria_peak_1259The Peak Tower
  • victoria_peak_1255The Peak Tower
  • victoria_peak_1253A reminder of the past
  • victoria_peak_1265The Peak Tower
  • victoria_peak_1264The Peak Tower
  • victoria_peak_1266The Peak Tower




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