First trip on Lantau Island: Tian Tan Buddha



A word before we start: Weather in April is unpredictable like in Europe. When we arrived at Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal, we were in the middle of a thunderstorm. Cable Car was closed-down. So straight to Tian Tan Buddha and no 'nice-weather-photos' here! But be patient, sunshine photos are coming up as I repeated my trip on Lantau Island. I converted some of the photos to greyscale to show my frustration.





  • tian_tan01_1321The giant sitting Buddha
  • tian_tan01_1320The giant sitting Buddha
  • tian_tan01_1322The way up from Po Lin Monastery
  • tian_tan01_1310Offering Devas
  • tian_tan01_1309Deva offering fruit
  • tian_tan01_1309_greyDeva offering fruit
  • tian_tan01_1313Deva offering flowers
  • tian_tan01_1313_greyDeva offering flowers
  • tian_tan01_1305View from the terrace
  • tian_tan01_1305_greyView from the terrace
  • tian_tan01_1306View from the terrace
  • tian_tan01_1307View from the terrace
  • tian_tan01_1311Tian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan01_1311_greyTian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan01_1312Tian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan01_1312_greyTian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan01_1315Tian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan01_1315_greyTian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan01_1316View from the terrace
  • tian_tan01_1316_greyView from the terrace
  • tian_tan01_1317View from the terrace
  • tian_tan01_1317_greyView from the terrace
  • tian_tan01_1308Tian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan01_1318Tian Tan Buddha
  • ngong_ping_1340Tian Tan Buddha from Ngong Ping Village




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