Tsim Sha Tsui (TST): Sequence 2



As the weather wasn't too promising a walk to Cultural Center seemed ok.! In case of a heavy rainshower you have plenty of possibilities where to seek shelter. I spent one hour or two in the Hongkong Museum of Art as they had an exhibition from the British Museum called 'Fantastic Creatures' - which was definitely worth seeing.






  • tsimshatsui02_1380Along the waterfront to Cultural Center
  • tsimshatsui02_1382View to Star Ferry Pier (foreground) and the International Center of Commerce
  • tsimshatsui02_1383Star Ferry Pier (left) and International Finance Center
  • tsimshatsui02_1385Star Ferry Pier (left) and International Finance Center
  • tsimshatsui02_1376View to the Museum of Art (left) and Cultural Center
  • tsimshatsui02_1378The Museum of Art
  • tsimshatsui02_1398The Museum of Art
  • tsimshatsui02_1379Clock Tower in front of Auditoria Building
  • tsimshatsui02_1381Clock Tower in front of Auditoria Building
  • tsimshatsui02_1393The Auditoria Building
  • tsimshatsui02_1391The Auditoria Building
  • tsimshatsui02_1390The Auditoria Building
  • tsimshatsui02_1387Inside the Auditoria Building
  • tsimshatsui02_1386Inside the Auditoria Building
  • tsimshatsui02_1388Kid's Entertainment
  • tsimshatsui02_1389Kid's Entertainment
  • tsimshatsui02_1396Along the waterfront
  • tsimshatsui02_1395Along the waterfront
  • tsimshatsui02_1397Avenue of Stars
  • tsimshatsui02_1399The famous Duk Ling
  • tsimshatsui02_1400The famous Duk Ling
  • tsimshatsui02_1401The famous Duk Ling
  • tsimshatsui02_1402Harbour Cruise boat




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