Second trip on Lantau Island: Tian Tan Buddha



As promised here are the 'nice-weather-photos'! A click on the image below shows a Google Earth view of the giant Buddha but the first photo of my slideshow gives you a much better impression of the Buddha's dimensions.






  • tian_tan02_smAerial view: (c) Andrewshek |
  • tian_tan02_1572The stairway up! And a view down to Po Lin Monastery
  • tian_tan02_1565View South to Shek Pik reservoir from second level
  • tian_tan02_1566View South to Shek Pik reservoir from second level
  • tian_tan02_1567View to Lantau Peak (Fung Wong Shan)
  • tian_tan02_1561Offering Devas (left side of stairway)
  • tian_tan02_1569Offering Devas (left side of stairway)
  • tian_tan02_1568Deva offering fruit
  • tian_tan02_1585Deva offering fruit
  • tian_tan02_1586Deva offering light
  • tian_tan02_1587Deva offering flowers
  • tian_tan02_1570Tian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan02_1588Tian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan02_1564Tian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan02_1563Tian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan02_1571Tian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan02_1580Tian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan02_1573Tian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan02_1589Tian Tan Buddha
  • tian_tan02_1578View to Po Lin Monastery
  • tian_tan02_1579Scenery with pine tree
  • tian_tan02_1582Offering Devas (right side of stairway)
  • tian_tan02_1581Offering Devas (right side of stairway)
  • tian_tan02_1575Deva offering incense
  • tian_tan02_1576Deva offering ointment
  • tian_tan02_1577Deva offering ointment
  • tian_tan02_1574Deva offering music
  • tian_tan02_1583View South to Shek Pik reservoir from first level
  • tian_tan02_1584View South to Shek Pik reservoir from first level
  • tian_tan02_1562View to Po Lin Monastery




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