Tsim Sha Tsui (TST): Sequence 3



In the slideshow below I tried to create a panoramic view of the area below with a sequence of photos. It starts with photo No. 1421 to the East (which is left side in the image below) and ends with photo No. 1406 to the West (which is right side of the image below). The image below also shows where the panorama photos were taken. A click on the image below shows the full-size image.






  • tsimshatsui03_1429View along Avenue of Stars
  • tsimshatsui03_1431View along Salesbury Road
  • tsimshatsui03_1435View towards Victoria Peak
  • tsimshatsui03_1436View towards Victoria Peak
  • tsimshatsui03_1437View towards Victoria Peak
  • tsimshatsui03_1403Hongkong Cultural Center
  • tsimshatsui03_1404Hongkong Cultural Center
  • tsimshatsui03_1416Hongkong Cultural Center and Clock Tower
  • tsimshatsui03_1409Flag Poles at Star Ferry Pier
  • tsimshatsui03_1410International Commerce Centre and The Arch
  • tsimshatsui03_1413View towards Convention and Exhibition Center
  • tsimshatsui03_1415View towards Convention and Exhibition Center
  • tsimshatsui03_1418Convention and Exhibition Center
  • tsimshatsui03_1417Hongkong Skyline
  • tsimshatsui03_1421Panorama from TST Promenade
  • tsimshatsui03_1434Panorama from TST Promenade
  • tsimshatsui03_1430Panorama from TST Promenade
  • tsimshatsui03_1422Panorama from TST Promenade
  • tsimshatsui03_1423Panorama from TST Promenade
  • tsimshatsui03_1433Panorama from TST Promenade
  • tsimshatsui03_1427Panorama from TST Promenade
  • tsimshatsui03_1426Panorama from TST Promenade
  • tsimshatsui03_1414Panorama from TST Promenade
  • tsimshatsui03_1424Panorama from TST Promenade
  • tsimshatsui03_1428Panorama from TST Promenade
  • tsimshatsui03_1432Panorama from TST Promenade
  • tsimshatsui03_1407Panorama from TST Promenade
  • tsimshatsui03_1405International Finance Center
  • tsimshatsui03_1411View to Sheung Wan
  • tsimshatsui03_1412View to Sheung Wan
  • tsimshatsui03_1420View to Sheung Wan
  • tsimshatsui03_1406View from Harbour City to Green Island




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